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Digitally Curious

Your simple guide to navigating the future of AI and beyond

Demystifying tech

In Digitally Curious: Your Simple Guide to Navigating the Future of AI and Beyond, futurist, speaker, and technology trends expert Andrew Grill delivers an easy-to-follow and incisive discussion of current and future technologies and how leading companies are deploying them.

Digitally Curious is perfect for managers, executives, board members, and other business leaders. It is the ideal resource for anyone looking for a simple and straightforward explanation of new and upcoming technologies and digital trends.

A “self-help guide for the technically overwhelmed”, every chapter contains actionable insights from over 60 podcast interviews and Andrew’s 30 years of running high-tech startups and as an Executive inside large corporates such as IBM, Telstra and Optus.

Early Praise for Digitally Curious

Andrew Grill proves again that he is a reliable teacher of what is next.

Mark Schaefer – Award-winning Author

From novice to expert, ‘Digitally Curious’ offers valuable perspectives on technology and our future that are not to be missed.

Nick Abrahams, Global Co-leader Digital Transformation – Norton Rose Fulbright

Andrew has a true gift of making the complex digital world more accessible for mere mortals. He provides hugely helpful actions you can take to become more digitally curious.  This book will last you well into the future.

Adrian Talbot – CFO, Miroma Group

Digitally Curious is a must-read for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the pace of technology change or simply needs some insights on how to survive and thrive in a digital world in which the pace of change is ever-increasing.

Steve Young, GM – Dell Technologies UK

An essential read for anyone who wants to discover the power of being Digitally Curious.

David Keene, CEO – Aurrigo

Curious to know more?

Who is this book for?

Digitally Curious is an essential read for anyone interested in the evolving digital landscape.

Whether you’re a professional looking to deepen your technological fluency, an entrepreneur aiming to leverage cutting-edge tech for business innovation, or simply a curious mind eager to understand the forces shaping our digital future, this book is for you.

If terms like blockchain, GenAI, Quantum Computing, or the metaverse have piqued your curiosity, but you’re not sure where to start, Digitally Curious will be your guide.

Why you need this book

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, Digitally Curious offers a unique blend of practical insights and expert advice.

It not only demystifies complex topics but also equips you with the knowledge to apply these technologies effectively in your career or business.

The book’s actionable tips, grounded in the author’s extensive experience and interviews with over 60 industry experts, ensure that readers can navigate the digital terrain with confidence.

How will you benefit?

Digitally Curious provides a comprehensive overview of the digital technologies that are transforming our world.

Readers will benefit from:

A deeper understanding of key digital concepts and technologies.

Practical advice on implementing these technologies in various professional contexts.

Strategies to enhance personal and organizational digital fluency.

Insights into future tech trends and how to prepare for them.

Why this book?

Digitally Curious stands out due to Andrew’s real-world experience and an actionable approach to technology.

Unlike other tech books that might focus solely on theoretical aspects, Digitally Curious provides a hands-on approach to understanding and utilising technology.

The inclusion of interviews with industry leaders and innovators adds a layer of depth and real-world relevance.

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